Silent Hill Homecoming | ¿ Fue nuestra culpa ? | #24 | Final

Llegamos al final de Silent Hill Homecoming y que final con un puzzle, y un jefe muy loco, en como se ve, espero les guste el vídeo, y les halla gustado la serie, vendrán mas pronto!.

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About the Author: ChosenOne G4m3Pl4yS

Welcome to the channel, I hope you like the videos, try to share them to grow more, and so be more and more in the channel. I am a Venezuelan Youtuber, with a lot of desire to record and upload good videos, I know that in the commented videos I am missing Much but little by little I am going to improve by the channel and by you who support the channel. Down below I will leave the social networks to communicate with me, messages and all that you want xD.

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